Two single friends discuss the seriousness of their romantic relationships.

Starring Thalia Romina & Lesley Hennen
Written, Produced & Directed by Lesley Hennen
Shot by Christine Lawless
Edited by Lesley Hennen

Kitchen Sink
Just when you think you're clean, a whole new mess appears. 

Written and Edited by Christine Lawless
Directed by Lesley Hennen
Director of Photography Tea Ho
Starring Lee Hubilla & Christine Lawless

~LaZy GiRl$~ 
The ultimate life-hack video for all the ~LaZy GiRl$~ out there.

Written, Produced & Directed by Lesley Hennen
Starring: Lee Hubilla & Erin Johnson
Camera, Sound & Editing by Christine Lawless

Wanna get brunch?

Written & Produced by Lesley Hennen Starring Lee Hubilla, Lesley Hennen, Erin Johnson & Christine Lawless Directed by Tea Ho & Lesley Hennen Sound & Music by Christine Lawless Production Assistants: Christie Saint Amour & Chilande Chicaneau

Sit, Stay, Love
Made for the Magnet Theater's Video Lab 2017
Writer/Director/Producer: Lesley Hennen
Starring: Virginia Hamilton, Aditya Otiv, Joe Miles
Co-Starring: Duke, Desmond, Kevin
Camera: Greg Yakubov
Sound: Corey Bogus
Editing: Ross Vedder
Music: Memories - Bensound (, Constance - Kevin Macleod (Incomptech), Carpe diem - Kevin Macleod (Incomptech)
Stock Footage: Courtesy of - Videohive, Kaspar Films, and Free Stock Footage 

Forever Yours
Made for the Magnet Theater's Video Creation class
Shot on the iPhone 6
Cast: Lesley Hennen and Brendan Goggins
Writer/Producer: Lesley Hennen
Directed by: Celine Dayan Bonilla, Thalia Pignanelli, and Lesley Hennen
Editor: Lesley Hennen

The Worst
Made for the Magnet Theater's Video Lab 2016
Cast: Lesley Hennen, Lee Hubilla, Brielle Silvestri
Writer/Producer: Lesley Hennen
Director: Lesley Hennen, Celine Dayan-Bonilla
Director of Photography: Greg Yakubov
Editor/Sound: Mike Mitchell

Back To You
Performed in the June 2016 Ringers sketch show at the Magnet Theater
Writer: Lesley Hennen
Director: Matt Wassung
Cast: Joe Lemonik, Maggie Lalley, and Eric Stone